Protect and save lives of every Ukrainian affected by russian aggression and genocide in Ukraine!

The main functions of our organization:

  • Supporting an overwhelmed medical system by raising funds, procuring medical equipment and supplies hospitals in Ukraine.
  • Sourcing and distributing tactical medical supplies.
  • Medical and paramedical training for the doctors, who are working on the frontline.
  • Evacuation of children with trauma affected by this war and wounded families.
  • Support of vulnerable populations with disabilities.
  • Running of social projects to support displaced population (BLS training and installation of AEDs in public places)



The SMART Medical Aid Charitable Foundation is composed of a diverse team of medical practitioners, volunteers and industry specialists with extensive experience in emergency and disaster medicine. In the first three months following russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian-Dutch foundation managed to create a team that delivered 11 495 693 euros worth of medical supplies and consumables, purchased over 100,000 CAT tourniquets and equipped over 136 medical facilities in 24 regions of Ukraine. SMART’s priority is to meet the medical needs in hot spots in Ukraine, where people require immediate professional help most acutely.

Our team is in constant contact with Ukrainian military command and front-line medics in order to best understand how to meet the needs of each specific location. Additionally, not only does SMART donate the equipment itself, but ensures that our trainers instruct the recipients in how to effectively utilise any items they recieve, thus allowing it can be implemented as quickly as possible. For example, our trainers teach the military the basics of tactical medicine, and for civilians, pre-medical aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

SMART Medical Aid works in close cooperation with a global network of physicians, allowing us to understand the intricacies of not only the Ukrainian, but the larger European medical system – thus, enabling us to find practical solutions to complex wartime challenges.




Do you want to join our team?



For a medical facility to receive our assistance, the facility director will need to fill out our online application using the link In the application, they will be able to specify the precise items requested, as well as quantities needed. 

Please note: SMART Medical Aid provides direct support to state-run medical institutions. Priority is given to hospitals in regions currently experiencing ongoing active hostilities, as well as those throughout Ukraine that provide care for those wounded and transported from the front lines.

Each SMART delivery of medical aid is accompanied by the necessary documentation, specifically, the Act of Acceptance and Transfer document, which must be signed by both parties respectively. We also request photo documentation verifying the delivery of all items.

Once completed, please send all necessary documentation to the following email address: [email protected] or on WhatsApp at +380 67 345 1274. This number can also be used to clarify any questions you may have regarding delivery reporting.

Here are some examples of good photo reports: